Thursday, December 16, 2010

NC. Continues to Expand

The question around Providence is whether or not NCDOT is digging in for the long haul in Providence or not. With the acquisition last night of three more station system, MH9C-S, D-GTMI, and QBL-BV, their control up to 8 station systems and 11 systems overall.

When they originally deployed in Yong, I think the general impression that it was a vacation deployment for them to hot drop some fleets in Provi and environs and then move on. However, there is several good reasons for NCDOT to stay and make a home in the region.

1) Supercap production facilities. You need secure upgraded sov space to anchor the big assembly array, and the old "LFA Pocket" is one of the better ones to choose.

2) No serious competition. The big alliances don't really desire Providence so the chances are low anyone is going to kick you out for your space. They might kick you out for political reasons, but not for the space itself.

3) Hotdrop range of a lot of null sec. You can cover all of Providence and Catch from the LFA Pocket with a supercarrier and jump drive calibration IV.

4) Lots of nearby hostiles. No multi region napfest around here; there is Initiative, IT, Stainwagon, AAA, the denizens of Curse, and of course the residents of Provi itself all close to hunt and shoot.

So the next question is, how much space does NCDOT really want?

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  1. What do they want? Provi, of course.

    The "Nobody wants Provi" is pre-Dominion thinking. With system upgrades available, Provi is much more attractive than it was of old. Further, Nullsec space is needed to build Supercaps - the ultimate coin in New Eden.

    Unless a wild card or two comes into play, I expect NCDOT and Evoke will carve up Provi between the two of them after the holidays.

    CVA can no longer win the region by relying on the indifference of others. Providence is now valuable turf. If CVA wants it, they will have to become strong enough and clever enough take it and hold it from all comers.