Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stuff It In

So the corp is busy in the throes of another asset move to a new home. For me, I have to wait until I get enough time online to move my assets but at least it won't take very many trips.

The Wyvern has a Ship Maintenance Array like regular carriers but its 2.5 times as large (i.e. 2.5 million meters cubed) and its Corporate Hanger array is 5 times as large (at 50,000 m3). What this means is that the supercarrier can hold 5 assembled battleships, or fewer and a host of other ships. I got a battleship, two battlecruisers, and over 7 cruisers and a few frigates in my Wyvern and still have a regular carrier's worth of space left. The corp hanger is already full of mods and fuel for the ship itself (spare utility cap mods are huge) so my spare stuff is jammed into the Chimera's corp hanger. That still leaves me with 16 spare fighter bombers and a load of ship fuel, but it can wait until I have my freighter up and running again (less than a week now).

Now that everything is packed up, the hard part is next: actually making the journey.

For a supercarrier, low sec is safer and more dangerous. Safer because there are no dictor bubbles and only the Heavy Interdictor Infini-point is capable of keeping the ship in place (as supercaps are immune to electronic warfare); but more dangerous because you don't have your alliance telling you where the bad guys are in intel channels and you never know who is nearby and if that alt is a prober or just a passer by.

Its debatable if its safer to travel alone doing ninja jumps into empty systems near downtime, or to travel in a pack of capitals. The former takes a long time and if something goes wrong you are on your own, but in the latter the coordination is harder and you make a far more noticeable target. I look forward to when the corp has more supercarriers because, after all, a fleet of supercarriers is an offensive threat but a single supercarrier is a target.

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  1. You could always rat on a gate in the middle of your trip. . . . ;-)