Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Sorry End To A Rough Month

Its been a tough month on the killboard for your humble blog hero. With only 3 killmails with my name on them as I logged in for the last playtime of the month, I figured it would be a long shot to hit 10 for November.

There was a fleet up as I logged in but before I could complete my cyno jump with a load of ships for our low sec base the fleet was hot dropped by a force of NCDOT supercarriers and carriers. Oh well. I jumped into my shiny new Arazu recon and set myself up in R3 to report on a hostile Dramiel and Taranis camping the Misaba gate.

Soon some more members got freed up and logged in and we formed a little roaming gang. We tried to tangle with the Legio guys in their pocket near us but they played smart and formed up solid numbers in heavy hulls that we figured we would lose horribly to. Instead of dying in a fire we opted to leave and look for easier pickings.

We head into the old LFA pocket, currently owned by Flying Dangerously alliance, and it was a ghost town. Deep in the pocket our lead elements found a Dominix that was ratting and logged off before aggression so we were forced to kill it before I could get there.

As we left the pocket a red was spotted headed our way and we set a trap. Sure enough he jumped into us and we took him down, one Amarr shuttle wreck coming up. Another red came our way and I was sure, being the same corp as the shuttle pilot, they would not jump into us.

However, I was wrong. One Ibis wreck coming up!

So yeah, a couple of pathetic kills (but we got the pods too so that helps take the sting out) but it doubled my count for the month and made me feel a little less useless since the move to Providence. Hopefully December brings better results.


  1. I don't feel bad for you at all after CVA hotdropped our JF in Arton! Acting like a bunch of pirates no less, funny as much as I hate CVA I always thought they at least had honor.

  2. Wow. Seriously? We killed a ship and we get accused of not having honour?

    I'm going to go with HTFU.

  3. So I went searching for the killmail to see what was up, since you didn't provide any links before calling CVA dishonourable. I found this:

    So Co2 alliance JF, a red pilot, accompanied by two hostile carriers no less, killed in low sec. Where is the dishonour? I'm sorry for your loss, but if that is what you are referring to then I stand by my last comment.

  4. You need to check your facts m8, it was a Pirate corp ship that lit that cyno and pirate corp scouts were the only ones in system at the time of the jump. I know this because our guys were engaging the pirates, against our orders sadly, in system at the time. In my book, given CVA's long-standing and well documented stand on pirating, this leads me to call them dishonorable. Not the actual shooting of this ship or that ship, we all do that.

    As I told other M3 members yesterday in Providence local, I still respect M3 and wish you guys well, but I also say this, "Those that do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them." Take it or leave it, but I wouldn't be caught dead hitching my wagon to CVA.

    You know me better than to think I would be upset about a ship loss, even a JF and some Carriers. Which is regretable and stupid, but it happens. It isn't the result, but the method.

    Anyway, this isn't a thing between you and me m8, but other than local I had no where else to vent. At least that's how I see it.

    Rixx Javix

  5. I appreciate you adding some context. Since I don't know anything other than what is in the killmail and your story here, I cannot confirm nor deny any of it.

    I do know that internally CVA has not changed its alliance position on pirates and if individual members have behaved inappropriately you should contact CVA leadership with your info instead of slamming me on my blog out of nowhere.

    Or post on your own blog.