Monday, November 29, 2010

Dotting 'i's and Crossing 't's

Since completing Gallente Cruiser V near the end of October, I've been getting a lot of short skills taken care of that I've been wanting for a long time but just never seemed to be top of the list:

- Tech II Rockets and Standard Missiles. Since I went into hybrids instead of missiles to start, I skipped those skills and only did Tech II heavy and heavy assault missiles for things like the Onyx, Cerberus, and Drake. The Tech II frigs that used missiles were never a priority. But with the Hawk and rockets getting a boost I figured it was time to close the loop on those skills and get them trained.

- Tech II Cruise Missiles. I had the prerequisites but not the skill itself.Same with Citadel Cruise missiles.

- Upped levels of Heavy Assault Missile Specialization to IV and Torpedo Specialization to III.

- Upped Information Warfare Specialist to III.

- Trained Nanite Control III with IV planned. Better booster experience is always welcome. Associated to this is Biology IV on the plan.

- Jury Rigging IV for Tech II rigs.

- Explosive, Thermic, Kinetic, and EM Shield Compensation IV. I never got around to these four skills and it is really something I need to do. At less than 7 days for all four it should have been done years ago.

- Destroyers to V so I can finally fly an Interdictor. Skipped right to heavy interdictors and never went back. Speaking of which, I have the Interdictor skill at I and it will be up to IV soon.

- Marauders III just because.

- Capital Remote Armour Repair Systems IV.

- Capital Ships IV for 5% more agility on those big berthas.

All in all the 18 skills remaining are still 37 days left with the longest skill being the Capital Ships IV at 8.5 days. But already my options have vastly improved in terms of ship fittings and capabilities so another month and bit seems like a small price to pay to catch up on these skills.

Then, Tech II lasers and Tech II Amarrian cruisers.

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