Friday, November 05, 2010

No Fiction Friday This Week

There is no entry this week for one reason: I don't have an outline for Chapter 8 for how to go where the story is at the moment to where I know I want to be in chapter 9 and going forward.

Its not that I painted myself in a corner as the character Kirith is exactly where I want him to be; I just can't get the right words in my head to move it forward. I have several ideas, but they each seem incomplete and I'm hesitant to commit to two or three weeks to do them all. But I might have to or the transition to the next phase of the story might seem abrupt.

So I need another week of spare time to think on it.

For those unsure where I am going, the combined Fiction Friday series has been about taking a young idealistic individual with a black and white view of the world and his place in it and stripping those preconceptions away from him one at a time. The total character arc is now at its nadir, the character feels broken and lost with nothing but wealth as a goal. Now I can start to rebuild him as something new... not necessarily better, but new.

This is the point where comments would be most welcome :)

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  1. I'm bummed there was no story today, but I fully understand your position about "getting it right." For the last several months I've been looking forward to each Friday and seeing where the story is going.

    You've been doing an excellent job. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Kirith,

    I will expect an epic chapter next week Mr.Man!!

    Seriously keep it up, i really do enjoy your blog and espescially Fiction Friday.