Friday, November 05, 2010

Count the Sins

Count the sins in this post on by the Morsus Mihi pilot:
This comes as of no surprise to anyone, another supercapital class ship is destroyed in the north by Pandemic Legion.
The Nyx, piloted by SheiHalut, was ratting on a gate where it was tackled by a hictor and the pilot logged off. It was destroyed by the PL forces soon after he logged. Loot was transfered to the pilot who caught it.
This is officially the first NC supercapital loss in the north since PL moved into the area.
The pilot had this to say:   SheiHalut > i will have a new nyx sometime
1) Ratting in a supercarrier.

2) Ratting on a gate.

3) Ratting while neutrals / hostiles in area.

4) Arrogance displayed in response.

Looking at the fit in the killmail:

5) Mostly Tech II fit.

6) Dual rep instead of massive hitpoint buffer. (Not a terrible sin but he might have survived with hitpoints instead of reps).

7) Four drone control units in high slots. How many drones do you need to rat? With Carriers IV you get 17 in a supercarrier. No energy neuts, smartbombs. A neutralizer on the initial HIC tackler might have saved him.

8) Ratting in a supercarrier!!! GAH!!!


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    The mining drones are for while he was waiting for the next bunch of rats to spawn @ gate?

  2. DUDE! Kirith, I almost choked on my sandwich... plz don't do this :)))

    Does the story say if the guys emo-rage quit?

  3. Geez, I don't fly capitals at all and even I know how to fit an SC better than that. And yeah... ratting in an SC? And worse, on a gate? And worst of all, with reds in the area? Ay de mi! so much fail!

  4. 9) Even thinking about mining in a supercarrier

  5. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Just goes to show you that money/ships and intelligence are not positively correlated in EVE.

  6. Space Darwinism at its finest.

  7. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Well, good news for the SC manufacturers I guess. :)

  8. Not that huge, but he has 33 Scanner probes...
    Maybe someone should tell him that they can be scooped.

  9. de'vad 33 scanner probes is pretty common i know i generally keep 20-30 so i dont have to keep rebuying them after i forget to pull them...

    as for the post... i seriously expected better from MM... gj pl keep them nc blobbers on their feet.