Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fall and Rise of -A-

Despite them being the main antagonist in the war last winter/spring when we were in Paxton Federation, I never held anything but respect for Against ALL Authorities. They were neighbours, and hostile, but they brought good fights and generally kept smack to reasonable or non-existent levels. They could be depended upon to show up to protect HED-GP and sometimes return the favour in Providence.

On top of that their actions following the invasion of Catch by LFA and CVA were logical and and foreseeable. You can't go around slapping people without expecting to get slapped back and if they guy you are slapping is a lot bigger, expect his turn to hurt a lot more.

So when -A- ran into internal and external troubles this summer and was forced to abandon Catch and was chased out of sov holding space, I took no joy in it. Like many, I figured that losing all their space and having a couple key corporations leave was the death knell and -A- was entering the failure cascade.

Well, I was wrong. Take a look at their stats for the past few months. While they did lose about 1000 members, the bleeding of bodies stopped and constant fighting against The Initiative and their allies (Circle of Two, Ethereal Dawn, etc) have allowed -A- and their allies push into Feythabolis and Impass and retake some space, including outposts.

You cannot underestimate the psychological impact and morale boost this turn of events can have. While the war with The Initiative et al is nowhere near finished, I look forward to seeing how far -A- can push this advantage.

With CVA taking space back in Providence, is it possible that we might be neighbours again sometime in the future?


  1. Highly likely. Although some new players are also in the mix now, like Evoke and others. Like you though, I took no joy from the "failure" of -A- and neither did I believe it. I kept telling people but no one really listened outside our Corp. Now they know, -A- is a force to be reckoned with.

  2. As a former resident of Provi 1.0, I think one of my corp mates said it best about -A-:
    "Most of us wouldn't be half the PVP pilots we are now if it wasn't for -A-"

    Good fights indeed.

    So yeah, the removal of -A- from any sort of sovereignty wasn't exactly a joyous occasion.

  3. -A-'s return from the dead is covered in Fiddler's Edge (, in a set of postings I've begun calling the "Impass Series". Beginning in October the posts are "The Undead", "AZN-D2", "Noblesse Oblige", "Impass" and the current entry "Resurgence".

    Shameless plug, I know. Not being a member of Krazy's pack, I scrounge linkage where I can. ;)

  4. Do you think the free market system in Lacuna Expanse will ever get a s big and intricate as EVE's has?