Monday, November 08, 2010

Silence Is Not Golden

Dear CCP,

Its November now. Nov 8th to be exact. Incursions is supposed to be coming out this morning, but we don't have an announced date yet, and that's kind of disturbing.

Also, there was a flood of dev blogs for a few weeks back and lately it's been silent. Where's the detailed dev blog on the Rocket change? Tech II ammo? What about the incursions, are you going to explain those to us more? We're going on mostly rumours and half posts right now, people want to know more.

And the Sansha mothership? Stats for that please, its time to get us excited about it. Also, the other new ships you said you were putting in. More details? At least tell us what ships they will be besides the Noctis?

If you are short on time and need to cut features or change the date to December, I'm ok with that. Just talk to me. Tell me what's going on.We can help.

Cheers, Kirith


  1. the mere fact that they havent said anything in a while just proves how badly they want this to be a good expansion.

    They dont want another Dominion, we dont want another Dominion, but i completely agree with you, some communication is needed.

    hehe isnt that what CCP loves telling everyone? How they are great at communicating with the player base and fixing things before they become bad?

  2. Are they introducing that community designed ship in incursion? If so it could explain why they have not put a release date out, because they are still busy sorting out how that will work

  3. I thought I remember them saying 11/16? I don't remember where I saw that date posted, but I remember tweeting it. I do know the Incursion page just says November now.

    Things have been quiet lately.

    Perhaps a little too quiet…