Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I got paid for work this week and immediately went shopping for skill books.

My empire hauling alt needed to upgrade his capabilities from a plain Badger Mk II so he's been training towards a freighter which requires a few skills such as Advanced Spaceship Command and Caldari Freighter. He's currently working on Caldari Industrial V which should take him a few weeks.

My Wyvern parking alt was frequently pissing me off by turning off all the modules she didn't have skills for so I made a plan to upgrade her to a more useful carrier co-pilot, with the idea that in some ops she can accompany me in a Chimera and provide cap and shield transfer during traveling. Since she trained straight for sitting in the supercarrier, she needs a lot of basic skills that a noob would normally be training.

And Kirith? He's still working on Gallente Cruiser V to open up those armour tanking cruisers and he'll be following that with Logistics V to finally get Triage mode for the Chimera. I also bought Citadel Cruise Missiles skill that I injected last night and will train to level 1 of soon so I can at least use a Phoenix with those weapons, just in case.

All told my expenditures on skills was around 150-200 million. I still have lots to buy some new ships, I'm just having trouble deciding what to buy. A Falcon... or an Arazu? Deimos or Ishtar? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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