Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last night I logged in and found a fleet reinforcing a POS. The FC had a request for more Dictors and Hictors and I broke out my new Onyx and sent it into the attack.

Once the POS was successfully reinforced, the main fleet stood down for a while and a smaller standing fleet formed to wait until a POS was coming out of reinforce. I joined the standing fleet and was chatting up channels when word came to us that a friendly Guardian logitistics warped to the wrong POS in a close by system and was scrammed and webbed by the tower with one gun firing. He was not in danger from dying to the gun, but couldn't run. We mobilized the small fleet we had and went to help. Soon the Guardian pilot was free and modules on the POS were being incapacitated. We decided to reinforce the POS itself as it was only a medium; it took a while with our small fleet but it finished before the next POS was ready and the main fleet reformed.

The reformed main fleet went out and finished off the enemy POS and the POS modules found at it. Then we saw the Territorial Claim Unit was vulnerable to our now onlined SBUs and we killed it too. The fleet went on to kill another POS but I called it a night. Looks like five killmails for me all told, not the most exciting night but always good to contribute.

Good luck to my corp and alliance mates in the big showdown today.

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