Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Meh, Its Only Worth a Billion

Last night while watching the kids I organized the carrier jumps from Teshkat in Task Murkon region to The Forge in the north, a total of three jumps. My alt would autopilot-trundle through high sec and then we would do the minute jump routine and then trundle to the next point while I was tackled by the carebears.

I've become very cavalier with my Chimera. Leaving Teshkat there was three reds in system and in the old days I would have never undocked, preferring to wait until the local environment was more placid. But last night I was like "its only a billion ISK" and undocked without even scouting the station grid. I suppose flying the 20 billion ISK Wyvern has made everything else look replaceable.

Well, there was a big nasty red Domi waiting outside the station for me but I didn't even register a pulse increase. Ctrl+space to stop without voiding the undock timer, pop the cyno in the destination system, and jump as soon as timer was clear. The Dominix tried to bump me but I was nothing but an outline of a shadow by the time he got close.

The rest of the jumps were uneventful. This morning before downtime I delivered the first load of my PvP ships to null sec and later today / tonight I'll go back to low sec to get the next load while delivering Kla'strit's mini-fleet back to empire. Once back in empire I'll do my shopping for another battleship and a few tech 2 cruisers and I should be set to go for the weekend.

It's good to be in the Ninveah again, but it feels so small and vulnerable.


  1. "small and vulnerable"...

    You should fly interceptors more often!

  2. Heh. I lost an industrial the other night. Wanna talk about "vulnerable . . . "