Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cage Match Promotion

Eve SOB over at his blog is trying to organize a frigate cage match:
My own ranting has left me considering a more positive reaction to apparent dwindling of solo PvP action. The idea in my head is simple and revolves around organizing a last pilot standing fight to the death for as many brave and/or crazy frigate pilots who choose to sign up and enter the “CAGE” system to fight.

Of course there will be an entry fee, rules, and prizes for the participants all wrapped into a semi regular event where frigate junkies can get there solo PvP on. Sure you could bring a group, but in the end only one pilot gets the gravy.
I think these types of planned events are awesome and fully support this initiative although the chances of my participation are low due to time constraints. Go over there and read the whole thing and give him some support.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the plug Kirith. Nailing down a date and time in my own crazy life might be the biggest challenge infront of me and the cage fight. The support I am getting is such that I now MUST get this done.

    Hope you can make the fun.