Thursday, September 02, 2010

Curses! Market Foils Me Again

Last night I was buying a Megathron and Rook and the related modules in high sec. It wasn't until about half way through I realized I was simply buying the cheapest stuff and not the cheapest stuff in Jita.

Doh! I now had stuff in 6 other stations in The Forge region besides Jita. Sigh. I contracted the stuff over to Korneilia for transport and set up the route, checking every 30 minutes or so over the evening to see if the freighter had arrived at the next system and docked up if it had to pick up one or two items.

One system was in low sec and I brought a Blockade Runner to pick up the items. Undocking there was a Hurricane ready and locked me up as soon as I started to align. Damn, lost my shields and most my armour but the two stabs in the lows ensured I escaped with my life. Thank goodness for tech II hitpoints and resists.

By the end of the evening I had everything in hold but was still five freighter jumps from base so I logged and picked it up in the morning before going to work.

I still need a few more ships but funds are running low. A donation of ISK to the corp for an infrastructure project along with these new ships have left the wallet running low, and the next paycheque from EON magazine is a while off. Might have to actually work for my ISK again! I can sell a couple of Kla'strit's ships that he doesn't need now that he's not in m3 anymore, and I am sitting on a pile of Graviton research points that Kirith has been building up for a long time that I can cash in for datacores.

Regardless, I have enough ships for null sec to participate in any PvP on this Sunday night. If we end up to be plexing, I can break out the mission running Rokh for now.


  1. you know, you can filter out low-sec and 0.0 orders on your market screen?

  2. Yeah, it was just total fail. Out of practice for buying stuff.

  3. Anonymous10:50 am

    That's cause yet too busy playing twirly ship l33t in your Wyvern. ;)

  4. I still want a crash course in making ISKies. My market endeavors don't fail exactly, they just don't seem as profitable as they could be.