Thursday, September 09, 2010

Four Years

I almost quit that first week of Eve. After getting Worlds Collide Level 1 for the third time in a row and losing yet another ship to it, I was ready to go. But I hooked up with my friend Adam and he brought me into his corp and I saw the potential for this game. Today marks my fourth year in Eve Online. Allow me to indulge in a little retrospective.


The year of complete newbishness. Moved around a lot following my core group of friends through several corps and a couple null sec adventures, one of which almost bankrupted me by the spring of 2007. I spent the summer of 2007 rebuilding my wallet and getting into Tech 2 invention which gave me a secure source of income. By the fall I had a better grip on things and re-hooked up with my original core friends for another try at 0.0 space in Fountain.

Year Two: Almost Know What I'm Doing

The adventure in Fountain falls apart as the alliance we are part of disintegrates so our core group splits up once more. In November '07 I joined M3 corp  for two months and was really liking it, but my original core group came back with a new plan and I joined with them on the ground floor of a new corp to give it a go. The winter/spring of '08 was the longest stretch with a corp for me to that point, sticking with Strife 2.0 for 5 months before it all fell apart. The twins were born and I was forced to watch from the sidelines as the corp we worked so hard to forge splintered forevermore.

That summer I participated casually in factional warfare and continued to train for the Chimera. By the end of year two I was ready to join a group again.

Year Three: I Got The Hang Of This Game Now

In the fall of 2008 I reapproached m3 crop and begged for another chance, seriously regretting leaving them last year. They accepted me back and I've called the corp home ever since (two years this month). Finally started to feel competent in the game and with my carrier. We spent the first half of that year living out of Task Murkon low sec and doing anti-pirate activities and some mercenary work. Then we joined Interpid Crossing alliance out in the Dronelands for some fighting against Red Alliance before Legion of xXDeathXx turned on IRC and kicked them out of null sec. We departed the alliance and regrouped in Tash Murkon.


At the beginning of my fourth year in Sept 2009 we tried Tactical Narcotics Team alliance in Wicked Creek but that ended quickly and ugly after merely a couple weeks. Frustrated we came back to our anti-pirate roots and found a home in Paxton Federation in Providence where for the next 8 months we flourished as a corp and really expanded our PvP experience.

During my time there I decided to consolidate my assets and ISK and go for the dreamed-of Wyvern supercarrier and manged to find a good price on one from a corp mate. Haven't used it in combat yet but soon... soon.

Unfortunately, stupid leaders in CVA allowed the Providence bloc to be pulled into an unwillable war and the great experiment that was Providence went down in flames, Paxton Federation being the last one to go. Despite being strong and united to the end the alliance did not survive its expulsion as half wanted to stay with CVA and half wanted to move on. As part of the latter group we moved on.

At the beginning of June we joined some old friends in RAGE alliance and moved into the Norther Coalition in Vale of the Silent region where we live today.


Here's to seeing what the new year brings.


  1. TNT was in Wicked Creek a year ago? Interesting. I hear about corps moving around all the time, but I don't normally hear about alliances moving unless there are massive wars.

  2. TNT Lasted about a month in Wicked Creek before getting shafted by Goons.

    I have a friend I just signed up to EVE, he mailed me to say that he pulled up the settings to pause the game while he was on the phone....

  3. mm, apart from no less than 3! Celebrity Death Matches i think this post sums up your eve carrier in a pretty concise manner.

    here is to 4 more years!

  4. Anonymous7:58 am

    4 years... wow! I've only just passed 2 years

  5. Grats on 4 years! Wouldn't it be awesome if CCP manages to keep EVE entertaining for another 4?

  6. Congrats on this milestone mate! Here's to another 4!