Monday, September 13, 2010

The Week That Was

It was a week of opposites. On one hand, my days were spent completely busy and stressful at the hospital while the Tiniest Carebear recovered from his skull surgery, but since only one parent could stay overnight and Mrs Kodachi refused to leave his side I found myself home alone in the late evenings with no responsibilities. (Carebear twins were with the inlaws.)

So I had several nights of gaming, mostly Eve with some Batman thrown in for variety.

- I helped kill a Taranis that logged off in our system with agression and we probed down. We also got his pod to help further his lesson.

- I assisted in a logisitics operation with carriers jumping down to low sec and back.

- I roamed in a HAC gang in a Rook and ended up dying first due to a nice IRC home defense fleet and a misstep on my part. I did get in on a killmail for a Hurricane though.

- Got to ride a Titan jump bridge for the first time when I took a Drake out in a shield tanking gang to help attack some systems in Geminate. No kills as the op ended just as we arrived and we jump bridged back to Vale of the Silent region.

- And last night on my official Eve night I took the plunge and got the Wyvern into a combat op led by Morsus Mihi where we reinforced two stations and two IHubs in adjacent systems. I didn't feel too special however since there was about 20 Morsus Mihi supercarriers and 2 titans in the op so I was lost in the crowd. Still, it was good practice and I learned a few things such as the lack of skills on the parking alt means Kirith jumps into a ship with every fricking module except one offline and needs a carrier ship maintenance array to get it back online fast enough. Sigh.

All in all, a good week of Eve. I'll be back to my stolen minutes here and there with Sunday evening as my main playtime but its all good.


  1. Sounds like a fun week/weekend for you! I've been moving a lot of things around myself the past bit, but now I think I've got everything where I want it, and I'm hoing to be able to do more than "stolen minutes" as you put it within the next couple of weeks myself.

    Now if only my alliance would hurry and get the planned JB's built so we can get over to IRC and Geminate space more easily. . . .

  2. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Hope your son's recover goes well.

  3. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Getting lost in the crowd isnt too bad.... its better than being primaried - which I know will happen to me with my new ship *Devoter*