Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Quota Met!

Sunday night I logged in and eagerly checked the capital channels for any ops going on where my Wyvern or Chimera could get involved. There had been a lot of fighting in several warzones through the week for the Northern Coalition so I hoped there was still some for me to get into.

Alas, nothing. There was a post about a possible cap op in twenty minutes but it looked like it got canceled. I checked for other conventional ops and found one being led by my alliance. It was deep in Geminate region bashing an offline POS so I was reluctant to try and make my way out there alone, but fortunately a reinforcement fleet was scrambled and I soon found myself targeting and shooting the unfueled tower.

Its not an exciting time to shoot something that can't shoot back, and there was no serious hostile presence in the area so it was a pretty laid back operation, but I caught up on chatting with the corp mates and planning with Nhi'Khuna about our little planetary interaction wormhole expedition.

Once the tower went down (with the help of a Br1ck Squad fleet) we cleaned up the POS mods around the wreck and headed back to base. I got in on ten killmails including the tower so I can claim the basic quota is met but really leadership likes to see your ten spread out over a few different engagements. No worries, I've got three more Sunday evenings in September and some possible Eve time later this week if all goes well with Tiny Man Carebear's surgery.

As a reminder, I won't be blogging for the rest of this week unless its something quick.

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