Friday, September 03, 2010

This And That

1) No Fiction Friday this week or next. I'm watching the twins as the youngest carebear is at a pre-op appoint for surgery next week to fix a prematurely fused skull suture, and while I will be at work this afternoon I will be far too busy at lunch to write something. Next week is the surgery on Wednesday with a three day hospital stay so blogging will be non-existent altogether.

2) Got another load of ships up to null sec this morning before downtime. A Megathron, Rook, and PvE Tengu for me (sold some extra assets last night that gave a nice boost in ISK so went with the Strategic Cruiser), and I brought up a couple Falcons for a corp mate. I have one more ship on my "need" list, specifically a sniper HAC (thinking Eagle) but it will wait until I find a need to go back to Empire.

I'm really enjoying being back in the character and ships I'm used to. I enjoyed trying out the Minmatar ships in Kla'strit, and the Maelstrom is a PvE beast, but my heart will always be Caldari and railguns, with a sprinkling of Gallente for flavour.

3) I've been all over the skill training since completing the Tech II sentry drones. The alliance has a list of minimum reqs for cap pilots and I'm lacking in Remote Capital Hull repair and Triage mode for carriers which needs Logistics V; but I want to get a couple advanced implants installing in my carrier/supercarrier jump clone including a Talisman Omega (Cybernetics V) and a Siege Warfare Mindlink (Cybernetics V and Siege Warfare Specialist V). So I'm biting off for the implants first, then the alliance cap requirements, then Gallente Cruiser V. I keep putting those Tech II Gallente cruisers off but I will get them! Someday...

Meanwhile the alt is training for Covert Ops frigs for extra good probing, then more Planetary Interaction skills.

4) Labour Day weekend here in Canada coming up. We're not going anywhere but still will be busy hanging out at home and doing housework and playing with the kids. Quality time is important, eh? So podcast recording might be delayed or put off until Sept 13.

5) Count the freighters!

Taken at a gate near Jita. My alt is the Fenrir at the bottom.


  1. For 1) - Best wishes for a good result with your littlest carebear!

  2. Never mind about blogs and pixel boats, take care of the lil' ones and best of luck on Wednesday.

  3. Best of luck with the youngest

  4. Kids and hospitals is an incredible stress for a parent - been there, done that (twice). Take care of the family first. Best wishes to you and yours.

  5. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Wow, that sounds scary. I hope it's not as serious as it sounds. I wish your youngest, you, and all your family the very best outcome.

  6. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I hope all goes well with the hospital. Just remember RL comes first!

    Love the freighter pic... Fenrirs are nice but I prefer the Providence - it just looks.... 'better'

  7. Anonymous11:05 am

    Oh, I'd love to see your Mael fit. I'm looking for a PVE fit for a min ship for the wife as she has T2 L Art guns. Are auto cannons better for PVE as gunnery wise Arts seem pretty suckish compared to missiles.

    I was pondering getting her into a Machariel for the additional damage.

  8. @Maniac: I use 1200mm artillery for better tracking and less PG use, along with XLarge shield booster and hardeners, some extenders. Lows include... stuff, I can't remember off the top of my head.

    My corp mate Orakkus has a good writeup on the ship which is considered the Minmatar mission ship. Check it out here:

  9. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Thanks... just checked out the post... it looks good, but that means more skill training :S

  10. Anonymous7:37 am

    Best wishes to your carebear :) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.