Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Escape From Providence! The Boring Version

So I finally was able to leave the Wyvern in the hands of my alt and jump clone out to pick up some assets to bring to Vale of the Silent region.

And found myself in Providence. You see, when we were suddenly forced to evacuate by Ushra'Khan and the New Holders I had a jump clone still in station I could not extract because I was tied to the prow of the supercarrier. Fortunately, everything had been evacuated (including the Chimera thanks to Max) so all I had left was a little Ishkur assault frig. So this morning before downtime I figured the locals would be snoozing or ratting and I undocked from 2-TEG station for the last time for the foreseeable future. The jumps through Providence were uneventful; the systems were either empty or near empty or everyone was docked up.

I soon reached Misaba and set destination for Teshkat in nearby Tash Murkon region to warm up the engine of the old Ninveah itself.

SIDE NOTE: I'm having a huge internal debate over whether or not to rename the Chimera to something else and then rechristen the Wyvern as Ninveah. It seems like such a minor thing on paper but I can't stop thinking about it! Gah, to have the heart of a roleplayer is a cruel thing.

I checked the old carrier's ship maintenance array and saw a Myrmidon (Vexo's Special), a Kestrel (Ethereal Nightmare), a Crow interceptor, and a Vagabond belonging to my alt Kla'strit. In my high sec base I had the venerable Insisto Oblivium II Rokh battleship. The Vagabond was going to stay here as but the rest would form the basis of my new fleet.

The question arises: what else would I need?

As part of a spaceholding alliance, a sniper battleship is mandatory and the Rokh would suffice in that role. The Northern Coalition also often rolls in what they call Close Range Battleships which translates to 80-130 km optimal range. I'll get a Megathron for that once I'm back up north.

Battlecruisers are common due to their low price and decent utility so I have the Myrmidon for short range roams.

I'll need to purchase a Rook for certain HAC gangs and an Eagle for sniper HAC gangs (I know a Zealot is more ideal for that concept but I'm no good with Amarr ships or lasers). I'll probably get a Falcon because I love warping cloaked and being a jammer.

For small ships I have the Ishkur and Crow already. Might pick up a Buzzard with probes for having handy.

I'll get a Basilisk logistics even though Guardians and Scimitars are the preferred logistics ships these days. Always best to be prepared and in a war there is always something needing repairing.

Finally I will need a ship to help with ISK making efforts. If I have the ISK, a Tengu would be perfect as its small and agile yet still packs a punch. If not, a Nighthawk might suffice. If I'm really strapped, a Raven.

I got a lot of work to do, but first is getting the carrier to the north.

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  1. Funny I still have a jc in F-DTOO... wonder if I'll have a use for it again someday?