Thursday, July 29, 2010


I did some ratting last night with Kla'strit in the endless pursuit of a higher security status.

I upgraded from the ratting Wolf assault frig to the ratting Vagabond. While a battleship would be easier and more effective, I like the ability to run like a chicken should any neutrals or hostiles show up in local. The Wolf was OK but had trouble versus some of the bigger rats, especially if I was in a clone without a damage increasing implant. The Vagabond deals more DPS while still being small and nimble and as I tried it out last night I was very pleased.

At one point I ran across a cruiser rat called Dire Guristas Killer and I was thrilled, thinking about the juicy faction loot I was about to get. I killed it, checked the wreck, and found nothing of note. Cursing I continued on.

Then three belts later I came across a Dire Guristas frigate and I thought, "Yes! This will make up for the last one!" I killed it and again, nothing.

Frustrated I complained in corp chat:
Kla'strit > two Dire Guristas rats in differnent belts within 10 minutes of each other and no good loot :(
Mae West > dire don't drop "good loot"
Mae West > only dread
Kla'strit > Ah
Kla'strit > that explains it
Mae West > their bounty is slighty better than usual rats
Kla'strit > long time since I've been in Guristas space
Mae West > come on kirith... i expect better from a well known eve writer
Kla'strit > lol
Kla'strit > don't tell anyone! I have a rep to maintain
Mae West > only isk can squelch the lies i shall spew
Well that was embarrassing.  At least I got an awesome screenshot:

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