Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magnum PI

So my alt Korneilia has been training up the Planetary Interaction skills and is approaching the point where I'm ready to start playing around. My long term goal is to have a small number of planet installations I can tend like a garden whenever I have time, profit is secondary and almost unnecessary.

I know there are some fantastic guides out there but I learn best by doing, not reading, so I purchased a basic command centre (CC) this morning in the lull before work and went into low sec to drop it on a planet and do basic extractions and routing. A basic CC can't support very much but it was really just a short test to get familiar with the interface and find the appropriate buttons. I located deposits of Base Metals and set out extracting them and routing them to the CC. Later on I'll check on the process and see how its doing.

I can see where the "too many clicks" complaint comes from (especially if you are managing several colonies on multiple characters) and I can see some places where the developers working on the second iteration of PI can save some. Tonight when I'm on the laptop I'll see about creating a more extensive colony perhaps extracting multiple resources. I'm still a week away from the Elite command centres but I'm sure an Advanced will do for the meantime.

I hope to eventually move into null sec space with this operation but I don't want to move the alt into the corporation to pay taxes. Maybe a class 1 or 2 wormhole with a static to high sec would be perfect. No rush, this is just a hobby for me for now.

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  1. I can "only" do Advanced CC's, but I find that they're quite sufficient. I can put down enough to have a large extraction going on any given planet or I can do a full "factory planet" capable of turning P1's all the way to P4's. Elite really doesn't add more to what I can already do with Advanced.