Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Broadcasts from the Ninveah Episode 9

Following up on last week's fiction writing article, this week I talk about the Fighting Spacecraft articles. I also took five extra minutes to edit out the pops from the wireless mic. I am going to invest in a slightly better microphone for recording so you just have to live with the wireless warbles every once in a while that I didn't catch in my quick edit.


  1. Do you have a set budget? If you can swing the do$h, Sennheiser makes killer gaming headsets that double up as great podcasting mics.

  2. The popping noise can be pretty much fully eliminated with a homemade "pop filter", which is just a bent metal coat hanger + stretched pantyhose.

    Such as: http://www.jakeludington.com/project_studio/20050321_build_your_own_microphone_pop_screen.html

    Had to make one for my friends' recording sessions.

    No need to buy ULTRA-EXPENSIVE mics.

  3. Actually, its not speaking pop noises but actual electronic interference from using a wireless headset mic to record.

    I'm not going to spend billions of ISK on a professional mic, just something a bit more sensitive that we use at work quite well. Hell, even my old wired headset records audio much better.