Monday, July 19, 2010

Shopping Time!

So, since I lost two ships with Kla'strit last week I need to go out and buy him some replacements as well as some more ships for various purposes. He still has his snipe battleship and command ship but I like having a cloaky recon and an interceptor and I want to add a general purpose battlecruiser and a more solid PvE ship to his hanger to replace the Wolf (it was OK but lacked the DPS I prefer for killing rats, I miss the Typhoon).

So, what to buy?

Fast, cloaky, and good tackle. I love flying this ship in advance of the fleet.

DPS ship for fleets that need the mobility and DPS of battlecruisers.

My pimp ship for PvE missions or plexes. Always wanted one, now's my chance.
This is the Wolf replacement for belt ratting quickly to get sec status up. With almost 2.5 times the damage the battleship rats will fear me!
The Wolf will be repurposed into a PvP role, I just need to do some quick research to see what that will look like. Wolf suggestions are welcome.

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