Monday, April 26, 2010

So Long Sweetheart

Derranna is up for sale.

EDIT: Link to auction on forum.

This was not a decision made lightly. I spent the entirety of last week wrestling with whether or not it was time to let the girl go. She's been with me a long time, has a lot of useful skills, and has served me well.

But that's the problem: "served". Lately she's been nothing but a skill trainer. I've lost any interest in the hassles of invention and manufacturing now that writing and trade pay so well so her massive array of science and industry skills are going to waste. And I really don't ever see me going back to that as a secondary play style in Eve because my real life situation has been altered radically such that logging in to move some materials to a factory station or put ten blueprints into a lab for invention is just more effort than I want to invest.

I just want to PvP. And since I have Kla'strit as a PvP alt while Kirith is guarding the supercarrier, Derranna is a third wheel.

What about having a jump freighter pilot? Well, Korneilia (my other alt from last year with 5 million skill points) is only a couple months training from Jump Freighter so I'm working her up to spec, and probably towards an Orca afterward. Then logistically, she will match Derranna.

As I said, it was not an easy decision. But my Eve life has changed and its time to let go and change with it.

This is all assuming of course, that she actually sells :P


  1. sound like a useful toon, I'll pass the name around my corp and see if anyone is interested. Let us know when she goes on the forums.

  2. DOH, I knew I forgot something!

    Here it is:

  3. Anonymous7:25 am

    I'd buy her in a heartbeat (Panther? Yes plz), if I

    a) had the in game cash I'd need

    b) had the $700+ to buy the in game cash I'd need.


  4. well i'm also passing your name around my aliance forums, so hopefully youll get some nice offers. also are the ships listed ships you have or ships that can be flown(talking the orca jf etc).

    I wish i could afford derranna myself but have no where near the isk needed hehe.

  5. As per the char bazaar forum rules, the character must have no significant assets. So they are only ships she can fly, all she has is a Reaper noob ship.

  6. Sigh, if I only had the ISK, she'd be a perfect mate for my character..

    Good luck on the sale, 10b can that get you another MOM?