Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just When You Thought You Were Safe...

So on Sunday Chaos Theory dropped sov in AY-24I for some internal reason, possibly due to a corp leaving the alliance. Paxton Federation decided to go shoot the offlined POS and sov mods and CVA came to join in the fun and drop its own Territorial Claim Unit. U'K and friends called a CTA and came to destroy that TCU and get Chaos Theory back in the game.

For us it was just a fun time taking advantage of Chaos Theory's moment of vulnerability. Apparently for our new neighbours and their -A- overlords, it was all the excuse they needed to evict us.

Yesterday a combined fleet of Ushra'Khan, Chaos Theory, Daisho Syndicate, Star Fraction, Noir, "[b]asically everyone who isn't blue to PXF and living in Providence is here to kick our asses" showed up and put one system into reinforced with a nice sized fleet and supporting capitals and supercapitals. We could not match the numbers arrayed against us so they held the field.

Ultimately, since we never agreed to any conditions for remaining in Provi, and U'K were apparently lobbying for us to be removed along with CVA from the start, we were going to do something to piss people off enough to force their hand. Even with Against ALL Authorities sitting this one out, we can't match their numbers and the alliance had no illusions about how tenuous the situation was. On the upside, morale remains high and the plan is to go down fighting however is feasible.


  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    I'm not privvy to much that goes on in the alliance, but afaik there was no lobbying to get rid or PXF within U'K.

    Tbh, I'll be sorry to see you guys go. Elements of danger and GFs are why we live where we do in 0.0. It's good to hear you guys will fight through though. I would hate to see you do what CVA did.

  2. Speaking as one of 'everyone', I'm sorry to see the collective guns turned on ya'll.

    However, the prevailing sentiment from bloggers and corps alike is that Paxton should/could/needed to make their position of non-involvement very blatant and obvious and avoid CVA association like the plague.

    I hope you find some good fights and wish you all the best however this turns out! :)

    Fly Straight.

  3. Anonymous8:00 pm

    As another on the other side, the feeling is that it's too bad to see you go. And I agree. I wasn't hearing of any consensus to remove Paxton prior to the AY-24I incident. It wouldn't surprise me if U'K held that opinion, but it wasn't widely talked about, afaik.

    But it's generally held on this side that Paxton did agree to the "no sov warfare, no pos destruction" rules. Of course I have no direct knowledge, but that seems to be the consensus.

    And really, two days after -A- hands D-GTMI back to Paxton, Paxton is helping CVA attempt to regain sov in a system -A- just kicked CVA out of. Huh? It seems Paxton leadership wasn't much influenced by the good will you mentioned the other day. If you were -A-, wouldn't you take that as a round-house slap in the face? I would.

    I really question the Paxton leadership decision on this.

  4. Don't think this was a Paxton choice. Think CVA is playing them - note CVA dropped the TCU that triggered the action. CVA needs Paxton pilots to help get CVA's old systems back. Paxton's not going to do that if they've got their own systems to worry about.