Monday, April 26, 2010

Rapier Wit

On Friday night I actually got a couple hours to log in and do something. I felt the need to kill people and with Kirith lodged securely in the Wyvern (rechristened Vendetta Arcanum) I turned to my erstwhile alt Kla'strit who had been put back into m3 corp just for this purpose.

I pulled out his Rapier and joined a fleet... that disbanded two minutes after I arrived. DOH!

No matter, that's the great thing about New Providence, always more action around the next jump. While I was waiting for a new fleet to form up, I flew up to AY-24I station system currently held by Chaos Theory and buzzed the station with a corp mate in a stealth bomber. A Harbinger battlecruiser was floating outside the station and we engaged for shits and giggles, fully realizing he could dock before we killed him. Which, he did. Oh well.

But then five minutes later a Rorqual undocks. "Bait?" I asked in my corp channel. But the big industrial cap ship drifted out of undock range so banking on the theory that half the world has an IQ less than average, I tackled him and the bomber started putting torpedoes into his side while I let the alliance know.

Another red undocks, this time in a Basilisk and starts repping the Rorqual. Then the Harbinger undocks and targets me. Hmmm, I think, might be tough to hold this tackle before the cavalry arrives. Then reports of a 20 ship Systematic Chaos fleet one jump out comes across the intel channel and my director advises me to pull out. Reluctantly, I warp off and was glad the Harbie didn't have me warp scrammed.

After the red fleet moved on, we formed up a gang and did some roaming. I helped catch a Hurricane battlecruiser and the pilots pod obviously being transported (pro tip: warp stabs don't work against bubbles), and then later we tangled with an Agony Empire frigate gang in which I helped catch two of them and a pod. All in all not too bad for good time.

I did find myself frustrated a couple times when I was the tackle on the far side of a gate from the gang and my locking times were too slow. Could have caught a Cynabal at one point which was especially galling as its a cruiser and not a frigate. I'm thinking of dropping one of the large shield extenders for a sensor booster instead of the Signal Amplifier in the lows. I'll post about the Rapier setup later this week perhaps, time for a good analysis.


  1. I'd say you are a bit mis-used as tackle or even a scout for a fleet in a rapier.

    Dropping tank in that ship just makes it even more paper thin and you are already pretty thin. Even more so as tackle since you will have to pin down someone until help arrives.

    Even if you had tackled the Cynabal, if you have a long point and 2 x web, good chance he still gets away if MWD fit because they are so fast, I evaded a Rapier and gang this weekend in mine when I tried to attack the Rapier and he dual webbed, pointed me, his friends jumped in and I just turned tail, still at around 1k m/s and left before they could tackle me.

  2. I was that corpie!
    I feel loved!