Monday, April 19, 2010

Shameless Recruiting Post

Remember that "bold prediction" from last Monday?
[T]he other argument that fits the rumours and evidence is that AAA see no need to remove Paxton and prefers to leave our alliance alone as being good neighbours for "good fights" without sov warfare nonsense.
Well, all internet rumours seem to be holding out that prediction and indeed Paxton will be allowed to remain in Providence for the time being. Paxton leadership did not negotiate this result, it was merely stated unilaterally by Against ALL Authorities leaders on various forums threads. Indeed, it appears as if AAA are going to return D-GTMI to Paxton with no questions asked. We are not viewing this as a victory or reward, merely reality and possible indications of the respect we have earned from our opponents.

The upshot is that we now exist in a region surrounded by reds. LFA is dead, FCON reportedly moving north, the other Holders long gone and CVA in low sec. Surrounded by people we need to shoot (but aren't necessarily working together) and without direct threat to our sovereignty as the whole region has been declared off limits to sov warfare by AAA.

Welcome to constant small to medium gang PvP.

Which is where the recruiting comes in. We need more bodies to continue to make Paxton Federation a local powerhouse in this war torn region so if you think you might be interested in null sec warfare without huge battleship lagfests and sov war mechanics, this is the place for you.

Paxton is a tight-knit alliance with excellent ship replacement program and upgraded systems for ISK making potential with four stations for security and other military advantages. Our corporation, M3 Corp, is a significant part of Paxton's PvP capabilities and sport some excellent and skilled FCs and capital pilots and we would like to add other capable pilots to our ranks.

Join our public channel, "M3_PUBLIC" and talk to our members there for more information.


  1. You're right - that was truly shamelss ^_^

    And tempting....but it will all soon evolve (devolve in my view) to the original lagfest.

    Or worse, sooner or later get sucked into another stupid war without much choice.

    (Boy guess I am not a big fan of null as of this moment, huh?? But things change....)

  2. That does sound like fun, especially if AAA really does enforce a no-sov war rule on the region. It's certainly in their interests. (Then again, who knows how committed they'll be to enforcing it?)

    I hope everyone in the region seizes the opportunity. There aren't many true null-sec regions where "constant small to medium gang PvP" is the norm. That's a shame, because that's exactly where the game's strength lies.

  3. well this post was so inspiring, I think we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

  4. I like that map :-)

  5. Anonymous11:21 am

    - ..."and indeed Paxton will be allowed to remain"
    - ... "and possible indications of the respect we have earned"

    Oh, stop pussy footing around. It's not a question of being allowed to remain, like you're being tolerated, rather you've proven yourselves to be quality and are welcomed to remain. It's not "possible indications", but "certain indications" of the repepct you've earned. It's ok to pat yourselves on the back a little.

    We'll see about the sov warfare ban - the current Providence residents are under orders not to engage in sov/POS warfare with each other in Providence, but there's not much preventing another alliance from moving in and trying to grab Providence for themselves.

    I am hoping the constant small to medium gang PvP turns out to be true. We'll see. Agony is all about constant PvP: no blues and a NASI (not Agony shoot it) attitude. Noir is using their space as a spa/retreat and will spend much of their time in other areas doing their mercenary work. Sadly, some of the residents are proving to be decidely carebearish and are starting to NAP each other. If that gets to be common, then that could put a damper on the constant small/medium gang PvP. How dull.

    I'd say Paxton is aleady a local powerhouse - only UK (1200) and Solidas (792) are bigger than Paxton (734)(of the active residents: Atlas, AAA, SYS-K are much bigger but I doubt we'll see their gangs very often). CVA is bigger (1081) but since Paxton is CVA friendly, they aren't a threat to you.

    That said, I'll promote M3 here - I was a member briefly (left for RL reasons), and I can say they are a good corp. If you like PvP, they can be a good place to stow your pod.

    Now about that map - so little good, so much bad. Clearly you need to adjust your attitude - come on, get down and get BAD. It's much more fun. :)

  6. Yes, I'm in the A2 bad section :)) Now if I can only log in for more than 1 hour at a time....

    *le sigh*