Monday, March 22, 2010

Regular blogging to resume in 3, 2, 1...

I won't bore you with details of fatherhood and the art of wrangling almost-two-year-old twins. Suffice to say the peace and quiet of a full time desk job is a welcome respite this morning.

In the past two weeks I had exactly two play sessions of Eve where I could sit down and log in to participate in any meaningful way. I talked about my adventures in the Ishkur last week already and last night I helped Max and corp mate Xenon with a level five mission. Nothing special to report other than two Golems and a Nightmare had a good go at the mission and only needed to warp out a couple times when the neutralizing towers were particularly nasty.

With the little 15 minute breaks I have had over the past week I've been continuing the "simplify" plan I talked about a couple weeks ago. In essence, I'm in the process of selling every asset I had gathering dust in my hanger for months on end and using the ISK to reinvest in my trading alt. So far I'm at around 6.5 billion in various buy and sell orders on that alt, and Kirith has another 1.8 billion in assets and orders left to liquidate. I've kept a handful of ships: The Ninveah carrier of course, a sniper Megathron, my old faithful Rokh Insisto Oblivium II, a cyno ship, a Mrymidon battlecruiser, and my dueling Kestrel Ethereal Nightmare. The Golem I used last night is a temporary renter and will be gone as soon as I get to market.

What do I plan to do with all this ISK? Well, the new goal is simple and yet hard: a Wyvern supercarrier. I figure I need 15-16 billion ISK to go looking for one, and probably closer to 20 billion for a decent setup. I'm not in a hurry, and I have a few more assets to liquidate and a few months of trading to build up the coffers. And if I change my mind and decide the Wyvern is an unfeasible goal, I still have all the ISK.


  1. I'm going the same way, simplify, simplify, simplify, sold a lot of assets and took a deep breath and kinda started over. Feels good.

    Good luck m8

  2. Noon question and all,

    what happens when you are not using the supercarrier? Of course it will hold a clone. But doesn't it mean you are tied to the ship never to leave? If you are off fighting the good fight somewhere else does the Wyvern still float around - a waiting target?

    I tried logging off my alt and watching the ship he was just in ( apple and oranges I'm sure) but the ship never left with out him in it.

    Just curious,

  3. @Jason: there are several options for Supercarriers and Titans.

    1) Stay in it and log off. If you have no aggression timer, the ship will disappear in one minute (IIRC) regardless of what scrambling or bubbles are on it. Fairly safe provided you pay it smart. Downside is your character is stuck in the carrier all the time.

    2) Exit supercarrier at a friendly POS. The empty ship will just sit there in the POS shields and can be boarded by anyone who can get within range. Also threatened by POS destruction, POS fuel shortage, ship bumping.

    3) Put supercarrier in Capital Ship Maintenance array. More secure than #2 but still vulnerable to POS destruction and theft by those with access. Some people have a POS with very limited access (i.e. not corp wide) to store the ship in.

    4) Holding Alt: you have a second character on another account whose sole job is to sit in the ship and log out when you don't need it. This is often the preferred method as it frees up your main for other action yet hides the ship from theft or destruction.