Monday, March 22, 2010


Long time since I did a post on skills, might as well fill the gap.

During the sabbatical I've been refining skills that needed topping up, like Caldari Dread IV, Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration IV and getting Cruise Missiles V so I can train Citadel Cruise Missiles which I just finished yesterday. Essentially, making sure if I get in a Phoenix there is no question I can fly it properly and efficiently. Today I'm working on Large Blaster Specialization IV that only has a day left on it, then probably Remote Armour Repair Systems V so I can get access to Capital Remote Armour Repair Systems skill.

I had planned on doing Gallente Cruiser V but put that off for the time being, figuring I should fill in the holes. If the dread comes true and I do purchase a Wyvern, a whole bunch of other skills become important. But let's get to 15 billion ISK first.

Derranna on the other hand has been plugging away at Minmatar Battleship V in lieu of having to actually take care of her skills. It sets me up for capital ships should I decide to go that route, or at least tech II battleshps. She has a lot of gunnery skills left to train and a ton of drone skills, so she'll be busy all summer.

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