Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Flight of the Unintentional Bait Ishkur

We had a small to medium gang roaming around Providence when word of a U'K fleet of interceptors and assault frigs nearby reached our ears. I was in my Ishkur named Isuldur and was asked to provide eyes in the next system and "get off the gate" which means 150+ km so I can scout and still hop-warp to the gate if need be. Unfortunately, I didn't have any such bookmarks in that system so I foolishly decided to make one instead of hugging the gate.

Six enemy ships were in system, three Crows, a Wolf, a Jaguar, and something else I do not recall. I warped away from the gate and then back at 100 km and started to burn out with my afterburner to 150 km. A few seconds late, when I was at about 120 km, the enemy fleet warped to the gate. I was too far to snag but two crows warped off and I knew they would be back at 100 km to cut the distance. I should have warped off at that point but I was 134 km away from the game and moving fast, I thought I could reach 150 km and then warp to the gate before they caught me.

I was wrong.

I hit 150 km as they warped back, but the slow down to turn around 180 degrees gave them the time to land and lock me. Just as I reached almost 75% speed to warp, they scrammed me. Since flight was out, fight it would have to be!

I figured I was dead. Too close to the gate for most of my fleet mates to warp to me, to far to burn out to. Regardless, I locked up the two Crows and activated my weapons (3 blasters, 1 nos, 1 warp scrambler, and 1 tracking disruptor... yes, I know, they don't work on missiles but I was in "throw everything at him!" mode) as well as my defenses, a small armour repairer and a damage control unit. My shields were gone in a flash but momentarily the armour held pace with the damage and a smidgen of hope blossomed in my breast. "Warp to me if you can!" I pleaded to my fleet.

Suddenly the Crows attempted to break off and a warp disrupt bubble expanded around me as some fleet members were able to warp and a Flycatcher dropped a bubble in hopes of catching the enemy. But they made their escape. Well, all but one. Remember that Crow I locked and threw everything at? Well, once I remember my drones and had my warp scrambler on him... he started to take a beating. I'd like to think I would have killed him myself but I don't mind sharing the killmail with a mate in a Hurricane.

That was a close one. I'm one lucky bastard tonight.


  1. "one lucky bastard"

    You joined the pirates!?!?!

    Just kidding. We had a similar situation recently with two distinct differences. One, we were in wormhole space and more importantly two, I didn't survive.

  2. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Hmmm. You may know this, but why not drop a BM at 100, then warp off and warp back to your BM at 50. That should put you 150 off the gate. Gets you there quicker, doesn't it?

  3. When I started, the enemy was not on the grid. I figured I could keep eyes on the gate while burning out to 150 which took about a minute. By the time the reds showed up, I was about halfway there.

  4. Second guess him all you want but thats what I would have done. Warping in and out twice is asking for trouble especially if they have eyes on you (always assume there are cloaky eyes)Just remember when it hits the fan you can't let that "throw everything at him" mode take control. Managing distances, orbits, vectors, and especially cap management can sometimes make or break an engagement. If you have a gang backing you up it certainly helps, but calm in the face of certain death will often mean that "certain" death comes to your opponents rather than yourself.