Monday, March 29, 2010

13 Billion and Counting

The Wyvern Project goes well. Most of my assets have been liquidated, with only a handful of PvP ships and a number of items in my industry alt's care still owned. All told the tally is at 13 billion ISK, all of which is in the hands of my trade alt and running market orders when I have some time.

I figure I need at least 15 billion before I have a chance at a purchase, and probably closer to 20 billion for a complete package. Lots of work to do yet.

I estimate my trading alt is making between 20 and 50 million per day right now. If I had more time, I could make more but my time is what it is and I have to focus on items with less competition and yet still decent volume. I have to get back in the Eve Tribune saddle and start writing for them again to add to the ISK flow. This Wyvern is not going to equip itself!

I would kill for the ability to build this ship myself, but our space is Providence is under dire threat and I'd hate to lose the whole shebang on a sovereignty loss. Ah, to anchor X-Large Ship Assembly Bays anywhere!

If anyone hears of a great Wyvern deal on the intertubez, let me know.


  1. good luck on the Mommy push! You should add a gadget that shows how much isk you have vs your goal and keep it updated so we all know how close you are :)

    Mainly so we can know when to tackle and kill your mom! ;)

    I will keep my eyes out for a good Wyvern deal for you.

  2. What do they say about don't fly something you can't afford to lose?

    Now, are you actually planning on flying this thing? ;P

  3. the "fly something you can afford to lose" rule is a guidline, a lot of players only follow it to a certain point. with supercaps the rule doesnt really apply because the cost is just so great that very few actually have the isk to easily replace them. plus when you lose a mom its not like youd be jumping right into anotehr one like a hac or bs, their just too expensive for that.

  4. For future reference - X-large can build freighters, dreads, and carriers, but you can anchor those anywhere; Capital assembly arrays are the supercapital construction modules that require sov.

    I hope that wyvern turns out to be a lot of fun. I know supercars are ridiculously powerful right now. So, if you're happy with a huge immovable tub you can't safely get out of but can destroy pretty much anything, have at it.