Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Return of Insisto Oblivum II

Back in the darkest days of my newbie-dom, I had suffered a series of losses including a Raven to a Burn Eden gate camp and a Rokh named Insisto Oblivum to a new mission with warp scrambling rogue drones. I nearly quit at that point, unable to even afford a battlecruiser. But I didn't, and I slowly worked myself back up to a Drake and through level 3 missions rebuilt my wallet and trained better drone skills and purchased and outfit a new mission running Rokh Battleship.

That ship was the Insisto Oblivium II.

I've come a long way since that time and yet the old faithful ship is still with me. Its been out to Etherium Reach where it got stuck in a hostile station behind enemy lines until I braved 30 jumps through hostile null sec alone to get it out, its been to Wicked Creek where it arrived to only be part of an ad hoc evacuation as the Goons turned on our just-joined alliance, and its been through wormhole space as part of that evacuation. More recently it spent time in Providence fighting in the fleets there as a sniper before I pulled it out as part of my paternity leave.

So when it came time to liquidate my assets, I refused to part ways with this vessel. Instead I stripped it down once more and rebuilt it into a mission running Rokh for those occasions when I log in and corp mates in high sec are making ISK and I can help out.

I know its not the most-uber-mission-running-ship in the cluster, but it gets the job done and is more fun than usual missile spam. One shot popping off frigates rushing towards me at 100 km away never gets old.

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  1. Nice to have a fellow Rokh pilot back in the saddle. I run a similar fit but use rat-spec hardeners vice LSEs and have yet to push for T2 rails, but still throw 535 out to 95k with 425 Protos and AM-Lrg. It's a fun boat to fly, although with a NH now, it's been relegated to select missions due to speed issues.