Monday, March 29, 2010

Roamin', Roamin', Roamin'...

Last night was my weekly Eve session and I logged in to find some corpmates already in a roam with allies. I wanted to jump in but there was a problem: the required ships were Pulsepoc (i.e. Apocalyspe battleship with pulse lasers), EWar like a Falcon or Scorpion, interceptors, or logistics. I had an assault frig. Bit in the ass by the liquidation project.

"Give me five minutes." I jumped cloned down to Providence and purchased a Crow on the market, and between the market and corp hanger (m3 for the win!) I had a decent tackle interceptor ready to go.

Unfortunately, the delay of me not having a ship ready to go (combined with a wrong turn at out of date jump bridge bookmarks) caused me to arrive at the major battle just as it was ending. I had enough time to put a tackle on a Hurricane but the Hobgoblin II drones forced me off before I realized I could call for logistic repair. He warped off and I sighed. Just my luck.

I stuck with the fleet for the rest of the evening as we fished about for more enemies to kill, but it appears they were all wise to our presence and stayed out of our way. The one exception was a Anathema covert ops frig that showed up at a gate and sat there long enough for our interceptors to warp there and tackle him. We killed him in short order and it helped to satisfy my frustration from the escaped Hurricane.

It was nice to be in a fleet and looking for trouble again.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    Just missed you. We thought you were coming our way and we set up to welcome you, but you made the wrong turn. Twice. Our scout watched your crow come right up to a gate he was watching, but you turned back. We were hoping you'd come through and bring your gang with you.

    Maybe next time.