Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's An App For That

Posting from my new Iphone. Any reccomendations on apps I should get besides capsuleer?


  1. I always read your blog from capsuleer so I figure I would comment. Definitely words with friends and canabalt. Only two apps I use each day besides capsuleer.

  2. EvE related I use capsuleer and the built in browser to check "" and tweetdeck to check the tweety-thingies of #Tweetfleet

  3. oh fun times :) I suggest:

    Aurora Feint: Arena Demons
    Ancient Frog
    Geo Defense Swarm
    Labyrinthe 3D

    Echofon (for tweeting)
    Air Sharing (for file xfer from PC)

    Free to low cost each.

  4. Anonymous7:27 am

    I don't know about useful apps but I can suggest a couple of fun games - Fieldrunners and Pocket God are both great fun.

  5. Capsuleer, definitely.

    The following I use with regular (and reckless) abandon:

    (Non-) Productivity
    CameraBag (photo maniuplation)
    Mill Colour ("")
    Remote (for iTunes control)
    New York Times (newsreader)
    Wall Street Journal ("")
    BBC Reader ("")
    NPR News ("")

    Bejeweled 2
    Catan (Settlers of...)

  6. Plants Vs Zombies came out today on the iPhone for $3. PvZ is awesome. You want to buy it.

    Some of the radio apps are pretty slick as well (ie: AOL Radio, Pandora Radio, etc) as they let you listen to radio stations streaming over your phone.

  7. iClone-is nice for tracking characters, pos, and such and has healthy database for equipment and items.
    myWireless-good for paying bill and seeing how much of your plan you using or how badly you are going over.
    Autostitch-great cheap photo app for creating panoramic pics
    Bump-great for sharing contact info with others with iPhone instead of typing everything in manually
    AroundMe-good for locating anything in your area and links to google maps on your phone to get directions
    PandoraBox-great way to get free apps, it tracks sales and such and you can watch for specific apps to be reduced price or free, push notifies when "fave" changes price.
    TouchCalc-excellent calculator, my line of work requires a lot of non traditional math

  8. I would recommend the Flashlight app as well as Weather radar for your area, the Converter as well as iHandy Level and Pandora. I don't remember which apps came with it to start with but I know I downloaded these. All these are also free I believe

  9. Apps I'd recommend:
    - Simplist (very simple todo/checklist)
    - Remote (for iTunes)
    - Air Sharing
    - NetNewsWire (RSS reader)
    - Night Stand (alarm clock)
    - Skype
    - Stanza (eBook reader)
    - buUuk (restaurant reviews + locator)

  10. Stanza is a good one, Heat Pad is nice, and the cat likes iBrate. As for feed readers, I use the built in web browser for Google Reader. If you have computer with Boxee they have a nice remote control program too.