Friday, February 12, 2010

Project Athena

Next week, providing the illnesses are past and things get back to normal, I plan to write the final Fighting Spacecraft article of Series V. That means I will have 23 articles (5 for each faction and 3 pirate), each around 2000-3000 words, detailing made up histories about ships in New Eden.

I figure its a good time to take those disparate articles and turn them into some more concrete. Enter Project Athena (greek god of knowledge amoung other things). The reason I'm calling this a project is because I want to do more than just copy and paste the articles into a MS Word doc and add a table of contents; I want to go through the older articles and do minor updates (especially redoing the older graphics), I want some proofreading / editing done by someone else, and I want to make the resulting document pretty like the Quarterly Economic reports from CCP.

Ultimately I want a PDF document that looks like it was semi-professionally done. And this is where I need help; I can do most of the work easily but someone else with better skills in publishing something like this would be an incredible boon. The goal is to be able to freely distribute a product that people enjoy, and accept donations (in ISK) for the effort.

So, to recap, I'm looking for the following volunteers to help with project Athena in March:

Editor: to review the text of the complied document to correct any grammatical errors, suggest areas requiring rewriting.

Graphic Artist:  to massage layout of document, adding graphics/title page/etc to make the document look "professionally done". Also will consider ideas to replace current graphics in the articles.

If you are interested, email me at and we'll talk. If you have examples of your work, that would be great.

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  1. I am a pretty good amateur copy editor. I'll drop you a line!