Monday, February 15, 2010

Head Cold

Laid out yesterday and today with a nasty head cold. Lack of useful posts thus results. I always feel guilty when I don't post as expected, like all my reader will up and unsubscribe. Then I remember you're all as addicted to Eve as I am and I feel better.

Also, thank you for the five volunteers who stepped up to help with Project Athena, but I still could use some Graphic Artistry assistance putting this thing together.


  1. Not that im criticizing or saying I don't do the same, but I actually hate posts like this where it's pretty much "hey sorry for not posting!" or "not much to post today!". I'd rather just wait for something with content. You really don't have to think we're going to unsubscribe just for taking a day off :)

    Almost makes me wish that more blogs had some sort of "Current Status" section where you could set your status like you do in Facebook. Would save from having to make posts that served the same purpose. Maybe it already exists in Wordpress or other blogging software and I just don't know about it?

  2. Hope you feel better soon; been dealing with bronchitis for more than a week and really, I'm so OVER it. Had enough of winter.

    I used to worry about not posting regularly--I don't fret about it anymore. Your blog is great; people will be patient.

    That's a good idea, Spec...the status thing.