Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Waiting Game

On Sunday I had some time to play and joined a HAC fleet that was starting to head into Catch. Then a decision was made to turn into a battleship fleet to take out a POS. I dutifully switched ships and met at the rally point, but after 40 minutes of waiting I had to log off just before the fleet left.

Due to my limited playtime, I prefer to join fleets already moving into action rather than when the call first goes out. Thus I was very happy to log in last night and find out a battle was already underway nearby.

You see, Aegis Militia wasn't working out so some core corps in the alliance decided to reform as a new alliance, dropping sov in 6 systems in Providence in the process to reclaim with new alliance. This came as a surprise to everyone else as far as I can tell, and the window of opportunity between the old alliance losing sov and the new one claiming it was large enough for Ushra'Khan and AAA to jump in and try and get some free systems.

Fortunately for us, the entire power bloc of U'K and AAA and allies is not gunning for those systems, thus their imposing Super Cap fleet is not involved. Instead there have been a lot of sub-cap fights over anchoring and onlining Territorial Claim Units to grab the system. Aegis Militia (not the new alliance, don't ask) have reclaimed 4 of the 6 systems, but 2 station systems are still being fought over. Thus the fighting last night in 3D-CQU.

I was in my sniping Megathron Barbosa and joined the fleet to assist shooting the hostile TCU being onlined and tangoing with the hostile fleet in the process. I have never been in a battle with so many reds in the overview and I had some trouble finding the primary and secondary targets fast enough when broadcasts were not going out, so I only got in on five killmails including the TCU death. I asked in corp after the fighting how to improve my targeting skills and got some good feedback I plan to make use of next time.

The fighting was quite frenetic and nerve-wracking, but the Fleet commander did a good job and almost all of our fleet came out of the fight alive with the objective TCU destroyed.


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    ahh I was there for the first part of the night. I was hoping that the rest of it would go as swimmingly for the -A-/U'K as the initial fight did.

  2. Sounds like one of those nice fleet battles that's the bread and butter of TQ fleet battles. Big enough to matter, small enough that "HoribbleLag" is not an issue.

  3. My alliance showed up near the end. We didn't get to do much but it was a fun time. With so many in local I didn't bother to see who was there, too bad I missed you! Squizz