Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Importing Goods

Last night I had purchased the parts for a sniping Tempest as per this setup here  for Kla'strit (as well as Citadel Cruise Launchers and ammo for Lord Rhavoc) and wondered how to get it to Providence. The first option, simply flying it down, seemed fraught with low sec and roaming reds peril. Plus it didn't involve big ass capital ships.

The second option involved having Kirith bring up the Ninveah to low sec, throwing the assembled Tempest in the ship hanger, and jumping it back down. Seemed like a lot of work for one ship.

The third option was to simply use the Nomad jump freighter and bring the Tempest down with a bunch of other stuff for sale. This is the choice I opted for.

I checked the markets in both places and purchased 32 Flycatcher and 12 Heretic Interdictors which should make me a tidy profit after they sell and the cost for docking and jump fuel. Plus it helps allies who may need ships locally and, jove knows, the Interdictor is a ship that tends to die a lot.

So after all this was done I was sitting in station putting my shiney new Tempest battleship together when I had the sudden surprise that Kla'strit, a 50+ million skill point pvp character, does not have the Engery Grid Upgrades V skill level for using Reactor Control IIs. This is a difference of 1000 power grid from Tech I to Tech II module stats and my build cannot work without it. So I might take the 9 days to train it up once Kirith is complete with Cruise Missiles V.

Incidentally, getting Energy Grid Upgrades to V opens up Marauders for Kla'strit. Any opinions on the Vargur out there?

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