Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Scorpa Got Her Wing Back

New Dev Blog! About this:

And this:

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I so need a Navy Scorpion and Rattlesnake now. And hell, I'll take one of those State Scorpions too.


  1. Come on man she hits like a an old woman's feel kinda ashamed

    If she has Torps fine she can hit well ,but how you gonna tank her without crippling ECM

    I love the ship she is a fun ship to fly but oh so utterly useless unless there are a bunch of them

  2. Looks very nice... Actually looks like a scorpion... Looks much better than the old model... But I'm a little worried with how symmetrical it is. One of the things I've always enjoyed about EVE is the prevalent lack of symmetry in the ships.

  3. Wow! Ok, I'm finally going to have to take that side detour down Caldari Ship and Missle Skill row. That is one pretty ship.

  4. It does look a lot more like its namesake now, though I'd actually like the forward wings to be a little beefier.... but that's just my preferred aesthetics. It's still awfully purty!

  5. Very interesting post! I read the whole blog and even hit up Wikipedia to understand some of the texture jargon. Also, you inspired me to make my own post ( about the dev blog.



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