Thursday, February 25, 2010

Next Installment of Things I Want Changed

Dear CCP:

1. Open up the market to faction items and ships. Currently you allow faction ammo to be listed in the market, but not modules nor ships. I love the market interface, hate the contract interface. What's the reason for not doing it?

2. Fleets should have someplace for persisting useful information such as voice comm information, ship preferences, current system, rally point, etc. Currently this information has to be asked for and repeated in fleet chat over and over and over again for people joining the fleet. Freaking annoying.

3. More drone bay for the Rokh, +25 or bust!

4. The recent Ultra Deep Space Safe Spots being made by exploiting log off mechanics highlights once again the pointlessness of not allowing players to make bookmarks in space from the solar system map, or editing the coordinates of existing bookmarks to accomplish the same thing. The new probing system ensures no one can hide out there, so limit it to within 128 AU of the star and allow us to make safe spots, or warp to any point. The current restriction is mind-boggling-annoying and unrealistic.

That's all for today. Carry on.


  1. 1) I agree entirely they should just get rid of the item exchange entirely as you can do the exact same thing on market, if the item is available on market. also they should rework so that only courier contracts or auctions are available. as for auctions.... that system needs to be reworked entirely, maybe their waiting for cosmos(or whatever their calling it now) for this as that would open up a LOT of possibilities.(access to auction contracts via the web woulod be EXTREMELY nice as in game access is not always available to most of the eve populace). a reworking of the contract system so false advertiseing is harder(not impossible but make them scammers work harder PLEASE)
    2) already exists; about the only good addition to this is allwoing the boss to make a motd for the fleet channel
    3)no comment
    4)not sure what my opion on this is, deep space safe spots are good fleet staging points in but being able to warp to any point on the map would be well... difficult to code and sorta broken, though it could fix probing for fleet fights(make snipers viable again maybe??)

    well whatever just my thoughts on this stucff

  2. Anonymous4:47 pm

    I believe we really need MOTD creation for the fleet channel or a bulletin for fleets like the Corp/Alliance one.

    I have used a seperate "XXXXX -fleet" channel before to hold this information for corporate fleets (keep the channel, change the MOTD) but that's a pain and you still have to tell everyone to use it...

  3. 1. - Amen to that brother!!
    2.) I'll leave that to you fleet-dwellers, but sounds like a winner.
    3.) Double Amen!!!
    4.) Yeh, the current system does seem a bit pointless to go to all teh trouble of making something that is probable anyway.