Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Unexpected Action

Last night I logged in with intentions of just working on my new Tengu setup (more on that later) as I didn't have a lot of time. Just as I logged in however, intel reported a hostile pilot travelling alone nearby. As the ship type was reported, you could feel a charge of electricity flash through the corp. "He's in a 'cane."

Don't get me wrong, Hurricanes are nice battlecruisers but they are a lot easier to tackle compared to an interceptor or cloaking ship, so the PvP instincts kicked into overdrive and a hastily built gang converged on his anticipated travel path. He jumped into a waiting Onyx heavy interdictor and Apocalypse battleship and the rest of us rushed to their position. I got there in time in my Taranis interceptor to activate my weapons and see the explosion.

The hostiles were coming out of the woodwork tonight and we chased around some pilots that appeared to be working together, but we gave up once we realized they were all in cloaking ships and not interested in a tussle. Our blood up, the gang went north towards some other intel reports of bad guys floating about and I acted as scout.

I jumped into a system with a red in local chat and surveyed the situation. On gate with me was a neutral Myrmidon battlecruiser and I moseyed back to the gate to see what he would do. Then, a hostile Ishtar heavy assault cruiser warped in and I tackled him in an effort to get him to engage or to jump through to my waiting mates. He locked me up and threw on some nasty energy neutralizers that emptied my cap. With no warp scram or speed module active I was less than useless and I opted after a few seconds to warp off to avoid death hoping I bought my gangmates enough time to catch him.

As I warped back I was pleased to see the Ishtar still there before it exploded.

But then reports came over voice comms that the neutral Myrmidon pilot had engaged one of our ships. We turned on him with frenzy in our blood and tore him apart. Rumour has it his CEO contacted us about shooting on friendlies but we gave him the diplomat's contact info and let the logs sort it out. If it was indeed an error on our part we will gladly reimburse the pilot his loss as we don't shoot neutrals that don't shoot us first.

With those three ship kills (and two pods) I was out of time and I logged, a supposedly quiet night turning into an unexpected brawl. I love living in Providence.

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