Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas In Review

Ah, the sweet quiet of the office. No wild kids running around, no sore pregnant wife, no extended family chattering in the background. Of course, the office will get busy soon enough but for right now, I have peace.

Yes, Christmas was busy. Busy prior to the actual day with shopping and cleaning and wrapping, and busy after with cleaning and sorting and packing. Heck, even the day itself was packed full of activity like visiting and preparing dinner. It wasn't until later in the week after Christmas when I had time to actually think about relaxing.

I shouldn't complain though, I made out like a bandit. My wonderful wife got me the wireless gaming headset I asked for; I hate the wired version as the cord keeps getting tangled up and even when its untangled it gets in my way. The Wireless works very nice with better fit, sound quality, and NO WIRES!

My best friend Andrew purchased me Batman: Arkham Asylum which is just phenomenal even though my computer's CPU and RAM is not up to minimum specs. I've been playing on lowest graphic detail and so far, barring a couple instances, its been playable albeit not beautiful. I don't mind though, Batman is my favourite comic book superhero and this game captures the essence of the character very nicely. I'm going to start saving up for a new PC though.

Speaking of Andrew, I did find one day to slip away and partake in some board game goodness. We played some of his new game Pandemic which you can read about on his blog, and then four rounds of Memoir '44 in which we took turns playing each side in two scenarios. In the first scenario, Americans attacking Germans, the large numbers of allied tanks were not enough to overcome the German defensive line in both tries. In the second scenario the Germans attacked the Russians but once again the defenders, bolstered by two artillery positions, resisted the attack. Attacking is hard in that game without significant numerical superiority; the main problem is that the game mechanic makes it difficult to concentrate your attack on a narrow spot in a quick enough timeframe. The defender on the other hand, simply sits back in cover and counter-attacks anything that advances too close. Its more complicated than that of course but in our four rounds the defender won every time.

My time in Eve was nonexistent as I was busy and any free time I had I dedicated to Batman. Once the New Year passed I logged in and got back up to speed, culminating in a attempt last night at PvP that ended without me getting any action. No worries, lots of time left in the month to get my ten minimum kills. I had 23 last month and that was with the last week and a half being a wash.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Anonymous6:07 am

    Happy new year! Enjoy the office whilst you can before you're fed up and can't wait for a holiday again :D I'm back to work tomorrow... booo!