Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Revisiting The Tengu

Way back in August I thought about going the uncommon path for Tengu strategic cruisers and building a blaster Tengu. However it was roundly panned for good reason and I ended up building my Covert Ops / Probing / Interdictor Bubble Nullifying Tengu which served me well for getting into deep Wicked Creek (and out again) during our short stay with Tactical Narcotics Team alliance. But in Providence I find I have little need for such a ship when so many other ships do the same things more easily and cheaply. In other words, the jack of all trades is master of none; especially after I saw how easily an enemy Tengu in the same design philosphy was quickly dispatched.

So I took my Tengu back to empire and it sat in my hanger while I mulled over ideas. The super tanking missile boat was tempting but do I really need another Nighthawk for PvE? No, I want a PvP ship.

Then I was inspired. There are certain fleets in Providence that are centered around Pulse Zealots with awesome locking time and high damage. Eagles are not as ideal for this type of role as their rails are not damaging enough and blasters are too short ranged (beyond the shield tank versus armour tank issues that is). But I decided to see how well a sniper Tengu compared to an Eagle.

As you can see, the Tengu has better align time, speed, range, DPS, effective hitpoints, and capacitor than the Eagle. When we reconfigure for short range, the Tengu looks like this:

Still decent range and the DPS is not too shabby, estimated over 73 DPS more than the Eagle at short range ammo.

While I'm sure someone will come along and tell me why the Proteus is better for this role I'm already ignoring them as I don't want to train up two sets of Strategic Cruiser skills. The Tengu is my ship and rails are my weapon of choice.


  1. Very impressive sniping range on the middle one with the Spike!

    And 50km range with medium blasters? Holy wow!

  2. Er... sorry, totally misread. Just ammo change, not blasters. Ignore me. . . . .

    Though 50km with AM on the rails still seems awfully nice.

  3. Proteus is better :P

    Sorry but it's true.

  4. *shakes fist at Kyle Langdon*

    Betcha the Proteus can't snipe out to 150km. ;)

  5. pvp in a tengu... its been done but the only succesful fits ive seen are expensive. granted there is nothing more exilarating than flying a bilion isk ship into 5+ people and WINNING :) (and no the old titans dont count)

    oh and the proteus can get similar stats as a sniper but with two large failures. first and foremost yoiu can get a better tank out of it but its an armor tank not a shield tank so you most likely wont have logistics support in these types of gangs(sniper hacs tend to be shield buffered) second the proteus can output slightly higher dps but it doesnt have the 100% optimal range bonus the tengu gets and therefore needs to use more otpimal enhancing modules and still will be working in falloff.

  6. I spose it's a mistake that the eagle has 2 named MFS and 1 T2 MFS fitted instead of 3 T2 ;-)

  7. It is a mistake, but I just doublechecked and the difference is negligible in terms of DPS since the bonus for MFS II is 10% damage mod and the Vortex version is 9.8%.

    Sorry 'bout that!