Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Secret Ops Are Secret

The Against ALL Authorities attack on D-GTMI started on Saturday and I didn't have any time to log in at all on the weekend. As our defence was not able to prevent the enemy from anchoring SBUs or reinforcing the IHub and station, it looked like my chances to get my assets out of the station were dwindling fast in light of my limited gametime.

This caused me some minor measure of consternation as I had an estimated 2 billion ISK worth of assets in my hanger in the form of about 20+ ships:
- Widow
- Vulture
- 2 Megathrons
- Armageddon
- 2 Dominixes
- Harpy
- Ishkur
- Mrymidon
- Eagle
- Cerberus
- Onyx
- 2 Falcons
- Kitsune
- Raptor
- Crow
- 2 Manticores
- Catalyst

All fit, and mostly rigged, not to mention the modules and ammo in my item hanger. I was confident I could save the Widow by undocking in a quiet moment and jumping out, but the rest appeared stuck and I was prepared to write it all off for the foreseeable future.

However, yesterday lady luck smiled upon me and three things aligned: there was a lull in the fighting, a jump bridge in D-GTMI was operational, and I had free time. I moved as quickly as possible with a goal of getting the most expensive ships out first. The Widow, Vulture, and Megas were quickly moved.

Then, seeing as it was still quiet, I got bold and jumped into the Ninveah carrier. Docked up, loaded up most of the rest of the ships, and jumped them out. Still with some free time, and the intel channels quiet, I made a second and final run with the carrier and emptied out the hangers except for 22 Cap Booster 800 charges and 13 units of liquid ozone.

Later on, esteemed colleague Lumenarious Rex discovered he had a Hurricane and Stabber left in D-GTMI and I offered the use of my carrier to extract them as well. While I was at it, I also had Derranna get her Rapier out of the station.

All in all, a good day despite a bad situation. Next up, the final stand of D-GTMI.