Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fighting In NOL

You'd have to have been sleeping under a rock to not know that IT pushed into Fountain and have been taking advantage of Goonswarm's f*ckup with sov bills, losing control of 31 systems and many vital stations.

For a first person persepective of the action from IT's point of view, I highly recommend the Aggressive Tendencies blog:

Bloody Night in Delve

So last night I logged in eagerly after work. I landed next to NOL station (where I had logged off) and sat there for a minute. I was about to watch a movie with someone who doesn't appreciate EVE the way I do so my time was limited. Imagine my surprise when a Rokh undocks from the heavily bubbled undock.

I was in a Manticore at the moment, so I approached to within 65km and decloaked, lighting him up. He started going down quickly, and had for some reason aggressed a different stealth bomber even the the Rokh had no chance to hit him with his rails.

As the Rokh started melting a Purifier zips out of the undock and tries to get out of station range so he can cloak up. I happened to be along his line of travel so I lock him up, point him and spank my MWD so I can keep up. Rokh drops and I turn my torps on him, which of course do little damage. Lucky for me I keep the point active and the Zealot in the gang chewed him to pieces.
Lots of good stuff, go over there and give him a read. (I suggest using RSS feeder as font colours might not be your cup o' tea.)

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