Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Humour aside, the war is rough for our side at the moment, but in the Dominion age the defender of well upgraded systems have only to win one significant battle to reset the scales while the attackers need to win all four. We intend to continue to fight.

Last night I logged in after the main fighting (which happened during the afternoon for me while I was at work) and wondered how to help. A task came up where the corp needed some assets jumped into Providence from high sec and I volunteered for the job, eager to help out anyway I could.

It was in the process of doing this task over the next couple hours that two things happened:
1) A fight broke out where we had some AAA carriers tackled in D-G; and
2) My computer starting acting funny, i.e. sound broke and alt-tab broke.

I suspect the computer issues resulted from me alt-tabbing like a madman between three windows during my logistics task but I was loath to ignore the call to arms of my allies despite being unable to get on voice comms. So I logged off my alts and jumped into the game. I then spent an hour targeting the enemy carriers and shooting everything I had at the primary, but the spider tank was too solid and we could not funnel enough reinforcements into the fight. As far as I know, the enemy did not lose any caps in that battle.

From DOTLan maps:
Most violent systems (24 hours)

1. D-GTMI (Providence) 1158 ships / 557 pods

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  1. Anonymous8:19 am

    Been reading scrapheap some seems that .-A-. have a vendetta to settle...hope to see you in D-G for the next big bight bro, guns are live and loaded, here's hoping we get a good fight!