Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Screenshot Dump

Here are some selected screenshots from the past month or so. As usual, click to embiggen.

I really liked the Armageddon warping through space. This is the infamous Memories of Mynxee which is still alive and kicking, much like her namesake.

Just a shot of an alt in the rifter checking out the new planets and the graphical effects after Dominion landed. Love planets with rings.

Getting recognized is always a hoot. Shout out to Helena Khan for making my day that day.

POS rep op, I'm the pilot in the Armageddon (Memories of Mynxee again) getting fed capacitor from the Guardian logistics ships.

Here is a battleship fleet rallying at a POS during the initial phase of the incursion into Catch.

Here is Max and myself in our corporate dreadnoughts waiting for a cyno. The dreadnought I am in was christened Silverbullet, which is good because I refuse to fly the one called Bun Bun into combat.

Here we are pounding on an infrastructure hub in SV5.

And from Star Trek Online, here is my Miranda class Light Cruiser prior to visiting the ship customization interface...

...And here it is afterwards. A more classic look with darker colours. The USS Ninveah flies again!

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  1. Anonymous4:46 am

    bun bun! are you also a fan of

    I call my iteron V Kiki.