Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prepared to be Inspired!

Like any corporation that is recruiting, we get a mix of older veterans and newer pilots. The newer pilots are not "noobs" but just lack the sheer number of skillpoints. Its a fact of Eve life.

The current war against AAA (note: I know their ticker is actually ".-A-." but AAA is easier to type and read and gets the point across) has required a lot of fleets calling for sniper battleships. One of the corp training goals for all pilots is to train for tech II fitted sniper battleships and sometimes younger players will have all the skills trained for tech II tanking and flying a battleship but lack that last level of Large XXXX Turret V to get those tech II guns.

"How about tech I best named guns? I can reach the required range that way."

"How about I'll just fly support and train other skills?"

"Man, 25 days..."

Yes, its a long skill to train. But here is why we do it.

*start inspirational music*

Tech II Sniper Battleships win battles, and thus win wars. They are the kings of the grid. Tech I might match the range but the DPS is so anemic that you're simply inflating the numbers but not the effectiveness of the fleet. Support fleets are important, but without enough sniper battleships support has nothing to do except die. And there are other advantages to training that level V skill:

1) Tech II weapons get a damage increase of 2% per level of specialization skill even for regular tech I ammo.

2) It opens up not only tech II long range weapons but tech II short range weapons which means more DPS or the option of using long range ammo in short range guns for more tactical flexibility.

3) Your skills are transferable to any alliance in the game should you move on. It will be something you come back to again and again while living in null sec.

*end inspirational music*

This post sounded a lot more inspirational in my head than it does on paper. Sorry, sometimes post ideas just don't work. Carry on.


  1. better reason, best named are like 2-3m a piece and your almost gauranteed to loose the ship, so thats alot of frigging cash to risk because you dont want to get slamed.

    On the other hand i dont get why more FC's dont want new members in other ships, hell have them warp in with stealth bombers, (much easier to access than sniper bs's) to the enemys rear using a cloaked intercepter warp to point, and unload a dozen bombs and torpedoes before recloaking and warping out

    The fact is even pilots in purely tanked battleships is worth it in my opinion why, DECOYS! If you've got 100 battleships, all "sniping" yet 20 of those are noobs, with tech 2 tanks, with MASSIVE tanks and resistence and everything dedicated to tank and resistence, they become 1 more ship that the enemy can waste time shooting a t giving your actual sniping DPS battleships longer to do damage.

    I find FC's that turn down people from joining ops just because they cant fit into a ship of the line, their are other positions in fleets besides frigging ship-of-the-lines

  2. 25% + 8% damage modifier looks a lot better than 20%.

    Training for those T2 Large guns should not need an inspiring speech, it should be common sense.

    As to having 20% of your ships as super tanks, 20% more damage is better than some lottery staying power by having tanked ships.

  3. LMAO, yes i never said that T2 wasnt something that shouldnt be trained...

    I said/meant, that i dont like that FC's turn away people that arent in the T2 fit yet... T2 fit takes time, what makes more sense having that little extra fire power, or extra defense/lottery during the 3-4 weeks that the pilots that are new are training, or just telling them "no you can't meet the required fit go away" which seems to be what quite a few of the FC's are doing in regards to members that dont meet the set sniper fits.

  4. Very much a similar point to the one that I made yesterday, really. You need all parts of the fleet to be operating at their best possible levels for maximum efficiency. A pilot is more useful in a role they can perform to the absolute best possible standard than being substandard in any particular role.

    As far as phantam's comment goes, battleships in the fleet that aren't doing maximum damage aren't welcome because they aren't doing anything. If 20% of your fleet are doing no damage it doesn't matter how much tank they've got because they've already dropped your efficiency. And to be honest, all the tank in the world isn't going to survive 100 battleships doing 3,000 to 5,000 volley damage. Better to be doing more damage, be more mobile, and therefore more able to get out of the bubble and into warp.

    Of course, I don't fly battleships because they're boring...

  5. Don't forget the 5% damage that the final level of Large Turret gives and the 5% optimal that Sharpshooter V gives too.

  6. FINE, so dont have them in battleships, but come on if you notice you have 5-10 new members that cant fit the t2 you want for the battleships, then get them into stealth bombers, or something, dont just leave them out because they cant be a ship of the line that just doesnt make sense.

  7. You obviously fly for some terrible FCs if they don't call for support, logistics, anti-support, and tackle in their fleets.

  8. Not my fc's lol but still i've seen some that leave people out because they cant fit a specific fit.

    You'd be surprised, theirs a few i know that seem to overlook that support/antisupport role or dont realize how important they are.

  9. So having a sniper less is better then having a sniper that is not at its peak performance?
    Why is it not OK to have someone that can fire far enough but isn't doing as much dps(about 12% less)as a T2-fitted sniper?
    Only thing I can think of is that they can't use T2 ammo, which isn't as big a hurdle as it once was(longrange sniping ammo used to be +100% range modifier).
    I don't see a problem having a non-T2 sniper along, assuming of course that other roles are already sufficiently covered.

  10. **wonders if this is aimed at me**
    I'm working on it!

  11. This one I just can't resist jumping in on. I'm no numbers guru. Frankly, I suck at it. Up until just recently, I was one of those who could fit one hell of a tank on my BS but not able to use T2 hybrid rails. Prior to gaining the T2 skill, I was using meta 4 rails and OMG the difference is rather startling when put into use. Before, it really was pointless even being in a BS because even using meta 4 rails, I just couldn't achieve the range and damage capability those with the T2 rails were getting.

    With that in mind, I agree with what others have said, if you can't use T2 weapons on a BS, then you're seriously better off flying some sort of support in nullsec until you can.

  12. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Check my blog...your post the other day got me thinking about the differences n stuff so I did a comparison. Let me know what you think ok?