Friday, August 07, 2009

Tengu - The Glimmer of An Idea

I a decided a while back that I would be flying a Tengu by the end of the year. CCP read that and promptly increased Tech III input drop rates so the price would be lower for me. Thanks CCP! Still waiting on that +25m3 drone bay for my Rokh though...

Anywhoo, as my wallet builds and my skills accumulate I started looking at what initial Tengu configuration I want to order (with the idea that I would purchase other sub systems for switching fun later). Being the crazy sort that likes to buck trends and convential thinking, I'm opting for a Blaster PvP tengu. Specifically this one:

(Click to Embiggen)

Not shown:
- the 10% bonus to scan strength of probes per subsystem level
- the 5% bonus to med hybrid damage per subsystem level

It also has a bonus for shield transporters and tractor beams but ignore that for now. The idea is that this ship can scan down enemy ships at safe spots if need be, jump them with the MWD and tackle gear, and then proceed to rip them up with the blasters. Its cap stable with the MWD off by the way. And its surprisingly agile.

So, am I crazy?

Cute, ain't she?


  1. She looks nice... well, for a Caldari ship :)

    If you want we can hook up on Sisi when I get back from parental duties. Wanna go up against a Loki or a Proteus? :)

  2. Not too shabby. So far I've loved the long range missile boat setup I've got.

  3. I would second Le Sac, but I want to kill this thing, so I support you :D

    You're work sent you this ;)

  4. Nice fit. I like it. Just 2 questions:

    1. Why not to use Warp Scrambler instead of Stasis Webifier?

    2. Would not be missiles better for solo killing considering the free choice of damage dealt?

  5. 65k ehp, 103dps tank while your doing 456dps...

    Are you serious about pvp'ing in this?
    I'd like to encounter you :)

    A single deimos would rip this apart. You should seriously consider a fitting change.

  6. Kir I agree with Rick its got too little tank for this ship. I think a couple alliance mates of mine have been coming up with a couple decent fits ill see what i can find out about them. this ship is designed to tank and spew missiles not shoot blasters. if you want blasters go get a proteus and use its massive buffer to keep you alive. oh and the proteus can get about 450 dps with its cloaky fit. oh and this ship if fitted with the right modules(officer) as some of my alliance mates are fitting up as plexers is just insane being able to tank multiple thousands of damage.

  7. Yeah, I spent the weekend in review of the setup in lieu of comments and decided that in the end, they are right. Even though I did not mean for this setup to go solo, its inadequate as a blaster platform when a Ferox has the same DPS (albeit slower and less durable).

    I just wanted something different, you know? I hate following the crowd.

    So in light of this I'm going to look at building a cloaky scout for 0.0. Or something.

    Or maybe train for the Proteus.