Monday, December 21, 2009


A month ago I talked about how I was starting to repair the security status of Kla'strit in my free time. And then a couple weeks ago I talked about the ratting ship I decided to use, the Typhoon.

Well, its been going slowly but considering the time effort I am not displeased. He started at -6.30 and is currently at -5.46. The ultimately goal is to get back to below -2.0 so that he can travel anywhere, but right now I would be happy with -3.99 so I can have him run missions for Republic Fleet out of Gulfonodi and adjacent systems in Molden Heath region. Why missions instead of ratting? Well, I could upgrade him to a full tech II fit Maelstrom in high sec missions and get more familiar with artillery and autocannons without having to constantly watch local for hostiles.

Speaking of ratting, the Typhoon has been very impressive in ratting. The five launchers and 3 artillery often provide more than enough DPS to take out a couple battleship rats and the Ogre IIs are merely icing to speed things along. The tank has been sufficient so far and cap stable enough that I don't feel opposed to running it constantly against tougher rats. What more can you ask for in null sec ratting?


  1. You know that the fastest way of ratting up security status is to find a loop of systems, kill one battleship in each system, and repeat the loop every 15 minutes. You only get one security status boost per system, per 15 minutes. Using this method I've got Wensley from -10 to -3.1 in less than a week.

  2. I do know that and its what I've been doing. But I only get 15-20 minutes at a time to rat each evening provided I'm not doing something else :) So maybe an hour total a week.

  3. Gulfonodi is a wonderful mission system, but as a result it's plagued with loot ninjas as well. I actually prefer Gelfiven 2 jumps away. Admittedly there's a decent chance of getting missions that send you to lowsec, though, so I'll jump back and forth between the 2 places as needed and if necessary.

    For the level 2 missions in my cheap little cruiser I just did them in lowsec and never saw a hostile. Not so sanguine about trying that with a BS, CS, or T3 on a level 4, though.