Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Long Slow Redemption of Kla'strit

An old friend from the Strife Mercenaries days was leaving Eve and asked if I wanted his character Kla'strit. I was loathe to see a perfectly good character get biomassed and after I agreed to not sell the character to someone else we transferred the character named Kla'strit to my account.

This character has about the same number of skill points as Kirith but doesn't have any put into capital ships. Where Kirith has specialized in Caldari with some Amarr and Gallente crosstraining, Kla'strit is pure Minmatar up to an impressive Command Ship level V. Where Kirith has tech II Hybrid skills, Kla has near perfect gunnery skills for Projectiles up to tech II Large Autocannons. Where Kirith has good EWar skills, Drone Skills, and missile skills, Kla has intermediate levels and abilities in those areas.

In essence, Kla'strit was purely trained to fly mean Minmatar tech II combat ships, especially Command Ships.

The character had in his assets four ships worht mentioning. Two interceptors which can go incredibly fast, a Vagabond (with a cloak fitted, natch), and a Sleipnir Command Ship that has an impressive gang PvP setup.

And Kla'strit came with a -6.30 security status. This was a big pain in consolidating the assets by the way.

I decided to put Kla'strit into m3 corp and use him as an alternate PvP character if Kirith is up in Empire for some reason. It also allows me to move him down into Providence and begin the long trek of reapiring his sec status with some prudent and occasional ratting. I purchased and fit up a cheap Cyclone battlecruiser for that purpose (and spent some nights learning about projectile ammo in the process).

Last night I was ratting with Kla when some reports of reds being hunted nearby went up so I docked and reshipped into the Sleipnir and joined up with the fleet. His Skirmish Warfare link module gave a 21% boost to the fleet's AB and MWD speeds and they were suitably impressed.

We failed to catch any of the reds floating around, their stealth bombers and vagabonds proved too elusive for our small gang, but I started to get a feel for what the Minmatar ships could do... and got Kla's sec status to -6.29. Sigh.


  1. Claymore - get one.

  2. yeah for fleet pvp claymore is one of the best and most used boosting command ships. sad to hear kla'strit left eve though. if your looking at the command bonuses you may want to look at the loki. they make great fleet boosters for gate camps and more stattionary stuff. you can fit them so that their basicly unprobable while decloaked(i've tried with a near max prober with faction gear and gave up after 90 minutes or so). just a thought.